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Surrender the Canvas

Would you like to spend 40 years wandering in the desert? If asked, you might agree with me that the appropriate response is, No thank you. I’ll pass. You might even add that you learned from the Old Testament stories of the Israelites and no, you won’t repeat history. 

Perhaps you won’t admit it, but I will. I confess that I’ve had seasons – life on repeat – where I too wandered –GPS pointing to the picture of what I thought my life was supposed to look like. 

The longer I strived, the less I talked to God and the more I isolated. It’s not that I didn’t know that He was always with me – that He was just a prayer away – that He loved me… Maybe the little girl in me wanted to show Him she could do it herself. Maybe I had wandered into a dead end – believed there was no way out – that once again I had disappointed God and just didn’t feel worthy to seek His help.

I was right. I wasn’t worthy. So, I hid from Him.

➡️ A memory of my grandson Adam around age 4 or 5 shows up as I type – one of those life lessons that children teach. We were at my house waiting for his mom. She was to take him somewhere fun. To distract him from his impatience I asked, Where is Momma taking you today? After a minute or so he responds, Mima, I think, and I think and I not know. Frustrated he pointed his finger to my head and said, 💡You think Mima. You think where I go.💡

How simple was that. He said I don’t know. And in his own words asked for help. 

When life disappoints. When nothing looks the way we thought it would. When we feel as if we have failed and are stuck in the impossible. What if we said (prayed),🙏 Lord, I think and I think and I just don’t know. Help me Jesus.

This week I heard from several women who felt detached from the Lord – just couldn’t talk to Him. Lost in their circumstance, they felt unworthy to speak to Him.

And then I remembered the words from a reading plan - Dreams Redeemed – on My paraphrase:

It may be time to surrender your canvas – the picture of what you wanted your life to look like – and trust God to paint a new one.


But God…

We are not worthy but God in His mercy loves us anyway and answers the door when we knock.

I've often wondered why when I knock at His door during the day, He responds in the middle of the night. Do you relate? I guess He's in a different time zone. I'm in EDT zone (Eastern Daylight Time) and He's in GPT zone (God's Perfect Time.) 

 4 a.m. GPT has been a frequent wake-up time for me these last few weeks. A time to pray, wander the house, shower, confuse the dogs and pray some more. 

Surrender your canvas and trust God to paint a new one... I meditated I asked. What does that look like? Let's suppose I do surrender - what needs to remain?

And suddenly - a breakthrough moment. We serve a God of suddenly - when we least expect it, answers come. I pictured a blank canvas - a vision board in the works - and He was about to show me what would go on it. No words were spoken - no rushing wind - burning bush - or whispers. I just knew what was to remain and lost all interest in the rest - no longer mine to deal with.

Freedom - Gal 5:1 - it is for freedom he set us free - stand firm - don't look back  

Palms wide open... I want to hold on to nothing that is not part of His will for me. Can't describe the freedom I felt then and feel now as I continue to embrace (in the words of Corrie Ten Boom) an unknown future with a known God. He owns it all. 

My message to all remains: You Matter. God Said so! Do Something About it. My message to women remains: Discover the Power in You - Own Your Influence. My book-in-progress remains. The rest of the details are on a need-to-know basis and for the moment I don't need to know. Glory 🙌

And then suddenly... a hint of a dream appeared. Have you been through a season where you just couldn't identify a dream? Where the future seemed same as today but more of it? It's not depression. Sometimes, we just forget. But God... He redeems dreams.  Dare I consider it a part of my vision board? Why not? The Word says He delights in us. 

So I let go of the possibility that this dream might not come true. I put it on there... Spain 2024 💃 I've mapped out a route.I've allowed joy to bubble over in my spirit. God delights in me; He rejoices over me with singing 🎶

What About You?

 My favorite question at the end of a coaching session: What are you taking away from today?

I wish this was interactive - that you could share back what you heard and what spoke to you. Well - there's always email and even better, if you've never coached with me, consider scheduling a free exploratory call. You'll find the scheduling link when you download our free ebook 👇

Back to today's message... is it time for you to let go of your version of what life should look like? Wipe the canvas clean and allow God to paint a new one.  Perhaps it's time to dream again - eyes wide open. 

Praying for your breakthrough! 


Photo by Khara Woods




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